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Get car diagnostic service, from the experts

Grantleys is not a new name in the garage service industry. We have been operating for more than 22 years in Basingstoke. Our aim is to offer the best in class car servicing and repairs Basingstoke at an affordable price.

At Grantleys, our main aim is to offer best in class garage services in Basingstoke to the vehicle owners. The services which we specialise in offering include tyres treatment, vehicle diagnosis involving brakes, exhaust, etc. MOT, and air condition, and electrical repair.


Tyres Treatment

We believe in providing the highest level of garage services in Basingstoke. Our tyre specialists can easily fix any kind of issue which you are facing with your tyres.

Complete Car Diagnosis

For diagnostics services, we only use the latest technology and equipment. This helps in detecting the minor and major problems instantly. And accordingly, we fix them effectively.

Brake Issue Handling

We will just take a few minutes to check the condition and performance of your vehicle brakes to ensure that it is in the right condition for use.

Exhaust Services

You can easily rely on the experts of Grantleys to offer exhaust service, which includes custom exhaust systems, catalytic converter replacement, performance exhaust systems and exhaust pipes, etc.

MOT Proceedings

MOT is a standard legal procedure in which different parts of your vehicle are checked to ensure that they are in the top condition. Thus, you won’t face any kind of problem while driving.

Air Condition Repair

It is important to maintain the air condition system of your vehicle and avoid any kind of issues, such as drying out, water leakages problem, etc. that are likely to arise. Air conditioner servicing is an effective way to avoid such problems.




With years of experience in this industry we have gained a strong reputation.


All our engineers and staff members are insured.


Providing high level of car repair service is what we specialise in.


Building the trust and confidence of our customers is our main aim.

Grantleys is the right destination for any kind of tyres, exhausts & brakes servicing in Basingstoke. We have professionals who are highly trained to offer you a wide range of services such as:



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